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We established an identity that showcases
Crypto Quantique as the next step in the tech revolution

Crypto Quantique came to us as a startup looking to disrupt the tech industry. They were ready to launch their quantum driven chip that would ensure end-to-end security for devices on the IoT. We created an iconic logo with a recognisable custom colour palette that reflected the strength of the product. Thereupon developing a reassuring visual identity that established Crypto Quantique as a tech revolutionary.

We planned and executed their launch in IoT Solutions World Congress 2018, designing and building their booth which stood amongst Microsoft & Intel

We planned, designed and executed their launch event in Barcelona, with the creation of their exhibition booth. Confident and disruptive we wanted Crypto Quantique to stand out amongst tech competitors.

We drew interest from potential clients to develop brand loyalty and credibility to improve their online visibility

We conducted a social media audit in order to provide a tailored social strategy that would allow the proliferation of organic engagement through our implementation guidelines. This ensured the preservation of brand identity and voice across platforms.

With the help of our PR partners, Crypto Quantique featured in various online publications

With our PR partners we acquired coverage of our publications on over 40 networks. Since being featured on big sites such as TechCrunch, DeepFind and IoT, we've now attained hundreds of shares across various platforms. We integrated all of this promotion in our social strategy.​


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