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What To Put In Your Company Video

We've previously posted why it is you should have a company video; go check that out here if you haven't yet. But now you must be wondering what to put in it. Not to worry, we have your back with a list of 5 important things you MUST have in you r company video!


The most CRUCIAL thing to get across in your Company video is what it is you do / the service you provide and your ethos! You’ll be surprised to hear this, but many companies don’t ever specifically mention what it is they do. Rather, they tend to allude to it which leaves visitors to their page questioning what it is your really do. Let the audience know concisely what you can provide them! Secondly, if you have your ethos on show in your company video it sets the tone of the type of company you are running.



Give the people what they want. Real faces. Humanise your company by having your employees in the video to make it seem more approachable. Many customers/clients nowadays are used to having to deal with bots and robotic voices constantly thrown their way. By giving your company the warmth of a “human touch” you are more likely to encourage effective engagement.



Remember that visual media is most effective when causing the viewer’s emotions to stir. (Now, we’re not saying to create a sob story or a masterpiece). Let the genuine passion that is stimulated through working at your business be seen in your company video. Let the people who watch the video understand WHY this is the company they want to go to for business.



Let the people know why you’re different from the sea of other businesses who (obviously) aren’t up to par compared to you and your company!



And lastly, don’t forget to tell your story. This ties into most of the previous points. Tell your story so that it is easy to understand but so that the audience viewing it are engaged as much as possible with the information you are putting out. Weave important, factual and emotionally relevant material to create video content that is refreshingly honest and relatable in some way.

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