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We Are Particle 6!

Who are we exactly? Well, we are a fantastic Video Production Company that specialises in short-form videos. As a team we love to work hard, as well as, play hard. This is a company where “There’s never a dull day in the office” rings true. That ethic translates into all the content we create.

And the most puzzling question of all. Why are we called Particle 6?

The founder of our company enlightened me over the discovery and study of the sixth particle of the observable universe. They called it the alpha particle; it is considered the largest and most robust. It often ionises* atoms around them by drawing in negativity whilst emitting a strong positive charge. And so, the inspiration extracted from that was to take in that which our clients or the general public see as negative and put a positive, captivating spin on it that will make that content go viral


The other point mentioned was because it was great for our SEO - for those not in the know-how it means that we had no competition on a google search.

So, Contact Us and experience what we can do for your business through our skills and viral know-how.



*Ionization is the physical process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons (which hold a negative charge) or other ions.

[You can also direct message us through the instachat / emailing us: / call us: 07767765283 / Message us through: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram]

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