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Mrs Wordsmith

We have had the pleasurable opportunity of working with Mrs Wordsmith. Their products are described as “relevant”, “inspiring” and “effective” ways to aid children's vocabulary growth. This innovative startup uses hilarious art, created by the animators of Madagascar (2005) to create a fun learning environment.

The amusement translated into our shoot days as we helped them showcase their Narrative Teacher Box - which supports their ability to express themselves through newly learnt vocabulary. Our core team consisted of a fantastic cinematographer, professional dancer and a wonderful Wordsmith employee. The synergy from the trio allowed us to truly understand and manifest the message, through film, that Mrs Wordsmith wants to portray to teachers, children and parents alike. We were able to help create a fantastical piece in which there was Hugh Grant-esque dancing (from Love actually) both on and off the camera. The pièce de résistance? It was captured on a Red camera!

Make sure to take a look at some behind the scenes photos from the shoot in Notting Hill (Special thanks to Fox Primary School)! We will be releasing videos soon so stay tuned!


Mrs Wordsmith Social Pages:

Twitter: @MrsWOfficial Instagram: @MrsWordsmithOfficial Facebook: @MrsWOfficial

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