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Hire The Perfect Team; Us! (Part 3)


To get in touch with us, you can Contact Us through our main web page or direct message us through the instachat. Other options include emailing us through our main, call us at 07767765283 or message us through our social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram).


Post Production can be reel lengthy; just like the Pre-Production process. However our team of editors are here to make your videos just the way you want them. Going from beautifully shot footage from the Production to beautifully shot footage with dynamism that really engages audiences spurring them to your call to action ~ after all timing and pacing is everything when telling a story. We create a rough cut and keep editing the video as we share various edits with the client and receive notes and feedback. It’s all a collaborative process up until our client is happy with the results.

Our editing team works on fine-tuning videos through Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows for multitasking in one programme so that there is no kerfuffle when it comes to efficiently dealing with the video. We are able to create special effects, animations, use photoshop and many other functions in the programme without having to export various files which can be troublesome (due to human error).

After all that is done there is colour grading. Colours convey a variety of things; emotions, intent, how one should respond to the events unfolding. So it’s a pretty big deal which can often be overlooked by amateurs in the business. Which is why we at Particle 6 have specialised professionals in our team that expertly colour grade our footage. Trust us, it makes a world of difference!

Finally, the process of producing your captivating video by the perfect team (Us!) has come to a wrap. What do you think? Do you feel that working with us could really drive your business forward and up? Get in contact with us! (All means to do so are stated above, just scroll up!)

Our video production leaves everyone in high spirits;

“Particle 6 produced a really creative video for us to help position and explain our finance app. They were super engaged before, during and after the shoot, and followed up with additional ideas for further work, particularly around viral videos.” - Charlie Taylor

“Eline and the Particle 6 team are a delight to work with - slick, creative and professional. We've worked with them twice now - making videos was a joy! - Lamorna Short, KINDRED CAPITAL

Make sure to have a look at our Pre-production and Production process so that you can really get the whole picture as what Particle 6 can do for you through short-form Video.

We hope to have the pleasure of working with you in your future endeavours!

- Particle 6 Team

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