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Diary of an intern; My First Video Project

Guess what everybody! It’s happened, I’ve now started working on my first video project, although small. I must say, it was super enjoyable especially as it was about the staff members at Particle 6 Productions. (Which I am told rarely is ever a subject of videos we create at the company).

I was able to input ideas into the plan with my co-worker voicing our visions for the set and feel of the video. Which I personally found encouraging that even as a newer member of the team I was given (partial) responsibility over the filming process. This really promoted positive feelings of autonomy through creative freedom.

In the video we were creating there was a decision to interview staff members through a series of amusing to “strictly business” questions and through this I was able to accomplish one of my Intern Missions*. Being able to fill two needs with one deed was truly satisfying.

But back to the filming process! It was really interesting and truly pleasant being able to collaborate with the team on this. There were puns, fruit props and deadpan humour to boot. Just as expected we were able to capture some lovely moments that genuinely convey what the community at Particle 6 is like.

Now it’s up to our lead editor to contain our weird and wonderful in a short-form video masterpiece - sorry Filip!

- Koro


*So you may be slightly confused about what an “intern mission” is. Well, it’s a series of tasks that I set myself to complete within a set amount of time to help me integrate in the workplace. These are things all interns should pay attention to! Click here to Read More.

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