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Diary Of An Intern; "Art Of The Deal"

Sitting in a meeting for the first time with a prospective client is strangely exhilarating! It felt as though I was infiltrating the inner circle and witnessing “the art of the deal”. The preparation that goes into this is fantastic, my co-workers have truly thought of every detail our future client could ask for, want or need.

A few key necessities I picked up on were;

  • To extensively research the background of our clients so we can cater to them effectively.

  • Listen to the connotations for the wants/needs of whom we are partnering with.

  • Extrapolate key information and question it so you are able to develop the best plan to move forward.

And through it all the importance of Storytelling. As specialists, at Particle 6 Productions, in Short-form media it’s important that our content is constantly significant to our message. The aforementioned “discipline” really comes in handy when getting to the root of what our client wants to show their audiences.

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”

(-Hopi American Indian proverb)

And we do just that.

- Koro

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