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Diary Of An Intern

Hello all! This will be my first official post as an intern at Particle 6 and let me tell you, boy oh boy. What a day! I jumped at the opportunity as soon as it arose. It was today that I, once again, put into practice the idea of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Starting anew at any place is a little stressful but lucky for me I was surrounded by a supportive and cohesive team.


[That's me in the corner there ⇈]


Allow me to give you a quick run down as to what I did on my first day and who I work for! Particle 6 is a video production company, which is basically filmmaking since film isn’t really used anymore. Particle 6 also tend to focus on Short-Form content. “What is short-form?” I hear you mumble, well it’s your scrolling through Facebook for an hour watching video after video because “they’re only a few minutes long”. They say it’s a blessing for us Millennials / Gen Z since our attention spans have reduced - I agree. We get all the information we need in a matter of seconds and are entertained whilst doing so.

As for my first day, well...I was thrown straight into the deep end with a list of things to do. I am interning as a social media manager and content creator. Which means, my lovely readers, that if you Tweet us, comment on Facebook or like us on Instagram it’s likely that we will have a nice chat. I managed to keep my head above water with one of the things I do best. SPREADSHEETS! There was also the chance to really get the creativity flowing within the team during our thought shower on the development of video concepts. As well as proposing new ideas for other Short-Form content. The opportunity to be a part of this synergism was electrifying and the innovative ideas sparking up left, right and centre lead to a second wind of enthusiasm as we returned to work - thus my blogging series was born.

It was lovely monologuing to you all and I hope you enjoyed my first entry for “Diary of an Intern”.

- Koro

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