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Crypto Quantique

Particle 6 Productions has collaborated with Crypto Quantique on their corporate video. We have created an interview based showcase focusing on their progressiveness surrounding cyber safety and its practical applications in such a tumultuous time. Security is of vital significance, especially due to current global events, yet Crypto Quantique is ahead of the curve. Conveniently, their products can be integrated into existing networks with minimal disruption.

“We have developed a quantum driven cybersecurity platform that harnesses quantum processes in semiconductors. Combined with new (quantum-safe) cryptographic algorithms, our platform makes end-to-end security seamless and easy-to-implement for today’s and tomorrow’s connected devices.” - Crypto Quantique

They are already looking to collaborate with aerospace companies, leading car manufacturers and corporate banks to boost security in both places we would never initially think to do so as well as where we need it the most.

In the UK alone, £270,000,000 of funding is set up specifically for quantum tech projects. Which is money that should be well invested into companies that have unique insight, experience and capabilities, such as Crypto Quantique. In fact their team includes people with PHd’s in post-quantum cryptography, experts in quantum science security, phd’s in electrical engineering, phd’s in practical quantum cryptography and tech scientific advisors.

It was a pleasure working with you on your video showcasing the best of your company!

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