Curaçao-based drinks company, Sodka, contacted us, asking for bright, refreshing, Caribbean-style promotional images ahead of their product launch this summer. Our aim was to create a series of enticing images to transport viewers from their sofas to the sand and sea, via a can of Sodka. The images will be used as social media posts, gifs and a billboard to be shown around the Caribbean.



We shot over 500 images, sliced almost 100 limes and grapefruits (the Sodka flavours), and filled the studio with shells and sand to capture a refreshing summer product launch for Sodka. Our 35 individual photos showcase the Sodka logo, the 2 different flavours and ingredients inside the drinks, as well as multiple serving recommendations.


35 bright, summer-themed, appetizing photos to advertise Sodka drinks, as well as a billboard image and social media posts. Bold graphics and colourful shots guarantee a taste of the Caribbean summer inside each can.