BBC Bitesize TikTok

The BBC Bitesize TikTok account was growing rapidly in followers, and they were hunting for new content to fill their feed. We created a number of sketches about funny situations at school, utilising both our background in viral content and young social media literate team.


We chatted with groups of young people to see what they found funniest about school, in order to spark ideas which were then honed down to the best few for full scripts. We zoomed with youth drama groups and schools from around the UK to find a trio of talented comics, before COVID-safely filming them in a school. Footage was then edited and crafted into very short skits, closely matching the style of TikTok: rapid cuts, tight dialogue and a slightly absurd flair.


A suite of nineteen sketches, to be gradually released over the course of the year, the first few of which have already reached over 75,000 views.