BBC Teach Maths: Hypatia's Mathemagical Maze

As one of our BBC Teach commissions, we created a character-led animated series designed to teach maths to a KS2 age group in a way that felt fun and playful, while also clearly conveying a large amount of information.


We looked at popular Netflix series and content for younger children, and chose a distinctive visual style based on Steampunk. Working closely with an educational consultant, we wrote up scripts for different sections of the titular ‘mathematical maze’, with a group of friends solving puzzles to find the exit in each level. We designed unique backdrops, graphics, diverse characters; bringing them to life with sophisticated animation, to create a dynamic world brimming with magic and mystery.


A joyful and lively twelve-part series on the BBC Bitesize site clearly explaining key mathematical ideas, to clarify the often opaque world of maths and become a go-to for pupils, teachers and parents alike. 

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