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Particle6 was launched in 2015 with the aim of connecting diverse audiences with content that’s educational, provocative and exciting.


Combining our science, comedy and drama backgrounds with cutting-edge technology, we pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to tell new stories.


Each project has a dedicated team who provide consistency and quality at every stage of the process. Our diverse range of talents and combined expertise will always find the creative solution for your needs.


Every member of our team is committed to telling your story. We’ll always add a cutting edge to your brand by transferring our combined skills and experiences directly into your project.

Combining our science, comedy and drama backgrounds with cutting-edge technology, we pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to tell new stories, [sustainably!].



Executive Producer Eline Van Der Velden grew up in Curacao, the Dutch Antilles and has been working in online video content for the last 10 years in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London. She has written, directed and produced shows for BBC iPlayer, Endemol, MakersChannel, BBC Three and BBC Teach, and won Best Online Comedy twice at the Lovie Awards. She studied physics at Imperial College London and is very serious about tennis.


Filip Parulski started his cinematic journey in Gdansk (Poland) by making a short film using a mobile phone which yielded a national film award. He developed his skills as a camera operator in the biggest Polish TV network, TVN. In 2015 he moved to London. He has been an editor with Particle 6 for the past four years.


Cameron Krogh Stone is English, Norwegian, Swedish, with a passion for culture and background in producing and directing. Cameron has so far enjoyed working on TV series in Beijing, on the stages of Stockholm, London and Edinburgh Fringe, as well as providing voice-over for multiple feature films and TV dramas. He was the lead producer on the Particle6 BBC Teach Biology series “Plants”, as well as several of our business clients, including Deliveroo, Paddle and Cheeky Panda.


Mary Fox is our gifted graphic designer who graduated from Creative Arts Academy with distinction and has an outstanding experience in Creativity and Interactive Media. Mary began her exciting journey when she was 16 years old since then she held an unbelievable fascination for graphic design. Mary studied at the University for the Creative Arts. Discovering that Mary had an aptitude for this industry, she created her own Mary Fox brand where phenomenal projects are presented. Mary joined Particle6 to collaborate and learn precious new skills.


Emmeline Downie is an art historian and comedian. She has a deep passion for 20th-century countercultures. Emmeline loves the television and has written comedy for TV since 2014. After graduating from Cambridge and spending a period in publishing in Australia, she joined Particle6 where she writes, produces and creates to her heart’s content.


Lara Martinez Ulibarri was born in Mexico City where she has lived all her life and where she studied Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana. She just moved to London to join the Particle6 team and in her time with us, she hopes to learn as much as she can from the people and opportunities around her and to help with everything she can. Lara loves learning about and creating, all forms of media and communication, but she seeks to become a creative director one day.

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